From the age of nine, Chef Megan Huckels knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.


Megan Huckels

From the age of nine I knew I wanted to be a chef. That was before the food network existed, before Emril said "Bam!" and before Mario Batali introduced red Crocs to the nation. I knew what culinary school I was going to at 14. And completed my culinary training two years after high school.

During college I had the privilege to work an externship at a restaurant in England, as well as the privilege to intern in France. While in France, I studied at the Cordon Bleu and earned a certificate there. I worked for a Relais & Château restaurant in fine dining, and picked grapes for an entire wine harvest for a vineyard for
Domaine Vacheron Sancerre, Loire, France.

After completing my culinary training I moved to Alaska to work at a fine dining restaurant that earned 4 diamonds by AAA and had my food featured on the Travel Channel's Best of: "Alaska".

I then moved to Arizona where I worked in a restaurant that was featured on local television shows. And eventually move to Germany where I worked for two years at a ski resort in Garmisch- Parten Kirchen.

Ultimately I finished my professional cooking career in the Caribbean on the US Virgin Island of St. Thomas where my dessert was mentioned in Fodor's travel guide the following year.

Each restaurant I've worked in was unique in its own way but also refined and creative. I've always sought to push myself to the best of my ability in my culinary career by making sure to work every station in the restaurant. This is the reason I am a well-rounded chef.

Upon moving to Chicago I decided to work for a Tea company to learn more about it and ultimately became supervisor and then a training manager for Argo Tea training all of the new hires on the ins and outs of the company while making it fun.

Using  my extensive travel, culinary and training experience, I find it easy to adapt to peoples' learning styles and personality. I make sure I tailor each culinary experience to the individuals I am working with in the moment.

The point is to have fun with your friends, learning to cook something you've always wanted to know or that you love to eat and just have a great time in the entire process!

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Kindest regards and let's get cooking,